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    The Testimony of Bishop C. E. Melville


    Hi there, I’m Bishop Crystal Elizabeth Melville, a Servant of the Most High God; The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, The Holy One of Israel. I am a life learner, trained and called by God himself. One after in August of 2008, I was in my bedroom, and suddenly, I heard a voice call me "Bishop." I was shocked. I thought, "me a "Bishop?" With my past? I listened to the voice once more and was comforted for I knew who had called me. That evening I was listening to Delilah, a well-known radio personality, talk about her daughter starting her college journey at Liberty University. I then decided to use the last $50 in my account to pay the registration to enroll at Liberty. I wanted to know more about the One who called me. I then benga seminary training at Wilmington School of the Bible, the School of Religion at Liberty University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Religion and Minor in Biblical Studies, and then I entered Seminary and Graduated as Marketplace Chaplain and as of 2019, a Master of Divinity Candidate at the Rawlins School of Divinity.


    I am also a retired nurse, serving for over ten years in nursing in the areas of Pediatrics, Labor and Delivery, Med-Surgical, Geriatrics, Hospice, School Nursing, Home and Community Health. I am a poet, screenwriter, published author and CEO of Royal Lineage Media Productions in Jasper, Georgia, where I produce faith-based digital media. I also became a Certified Life Coach in 2010, at Fowler-Wainwright International, (Barry Fowler is the Founder of Sylvan Learning), and SYMBIS and PREPARE-ENRICH CERTIFIED RELATIONSHIP FACILITATOR, out of my overarching passion for helping God's people build, restore and sustain kingdom relationships; all for the glory of God!


    My humble beginnings and life's journey began in the United States Virgin Islands, on the Island of St. Croix to a multiparous woman. I being her 10th child, was left with my teenage aunt at the age of 2 months. I was then placed in the foster care system, and separated from my other siblings. Both parents virtually abandoned me. My biological father never established legitimacy until I was 41 years old, 13 years after I discovered him while working at a former place of employment. For many years long after exiting the foster care system, subconsciously I carried around a victim mentality. I fostered the pain of abandonment, rejection and the mental blocks which caused my resentment of people who had a hard accepting me for who I was. As a result, I attracted men and women in my life with the same victim mindset. I, therefore, had my first child out of wedlock, born unknowing to me to a married man. My marriage to my first husband produced two children, which subsequently ended in divorce. Still, in a lost state of mind, I remarried twice after that but experienced turbulent relationships. I was depressed, felt alone, and was exhausted as a single parent, and sole provider for four human beings.


    After my foster mother and brother passed away six months apart, I felt alone. My brother pastor at Calvary Baptist told me I have to make a decision. I have no one to turn to, so I must turn to God. The one which as always there for me. I didn't know it. I decided to give my heart and everything I had to the Lord. I was baptized by emersion (in water, at Salt River, on the Island of St. Croix, by birthplace). There at the age of 30 years old, I began my journey back to God, as his chosen one and divine creation. Years passed, and I began to experience one spiritual attack after the other, which eventually took a toll on my health, so much that I diagnosed with a brain malformation, and underwent neurosurgery to correct a brain stem issue. I suffered for many years in pain and became disabled.


    One day, I decided enough was enough. I declared to an admitting clerk before a scheduled second surgery that I needed spiritual healing. I canceled the surgery. It was then I realized I needed the indwelling of the Holy Spirit! It wasn't until much later when I began to accept who I was; I began to heal. I have since been celibate for almost ten years and strive each day by the grace of God to remain pure in body and mind to serve the Lord in his kingdom. I am a new creature, purified by the power of the Holy Ghost. I finally began to think with humility, speak up and harness the power given to me by the Holy Spirit! Today I stand tall, fearful (god fearing), faithful, full of grace and might, with the ability to use my spiritual gifts to impact the world.


    Through my seminary training at Liberty University, I became even closer to God and learned of His character, grace and unfailing love. I know that I am loved and that my sins were forgiven when Christ died and sacrificed his life for the sins of the world at Calvary. Since then I also gained practical skills and discovered how to use my spiritual gifts to overcome fear, doubt, and immorality so I can now reach back and help others have hope, healing, and transformation.


    If you allow me to mentor and guide you on the journey to your Higher Self, with the commitment of everything you have, I guarantee you’ll be amazed at the life you will create and become, by the grace of God.


    Welcome to your new life! I am humbled to be your servant, teacher, counselor, partner, and friend for life. To God be all the glory. We are free. Rejoice and be glad! Amen.



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    "Your Sins are Forgiven" Luke 7:48

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