• About Me

    Born in the United States Virgin Islands, and raised in the foster care system, Crystal Elizabeth Melville embarked on a life unknown, one that was overshadowed by insecurities, abandonment, ridicule, and fear, which led to a life as an lost, insecure, abused and battered woman.


    Ms. Melville, however, did not lose focus and the hope she once had in the dreams she had as a child, and the nurturing she experienced at the feet of her strong foster mother, who embedded, the strength and faith she needed to break free to one day to find her purpose and higher calling.


    Today, Ms. Melville is a retired Nurse, Bishop and Intercessory Counselor, a budding filmmaker and CEO of Royal Lineage Media and Productions, registered in the state of Georgia, an Author, Teacher and Life coach. She models her ministry after her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who cleansed and restored her to life so she can be a blessing to others.

  • My Mission

    There will be no journey without a vision, a place, and a purpose. On this journey to your higher self, I am your doorkeeper, watchman, spiritual guide, and coach working diligently to help you find clarity in your thoughts, words, and actions. I help you see clearly the path set up for you to soar, and the one that can cause you to sink.


    I am your humble servant, checking the balances and making sure that you deposit all that you can into the storehouse of Heaven so that upon arrival to your higher self, you will receive that bountiful blessing you won't even be able to contain. The journey to your higher-self awaits!

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