There's a Leader Inside of You!

    "There's a new exceptional leader in the home as well as in the world, and that's you! Despite your dysfunctional past, you can create a healthy functional family, business, ministry, and community." ~ Bishop Melville

  • This is Me!

    Born in the United States Virgin Islands, and raised in the foster care system, Bishop Crystal Elizabeth Melville embarked on a life unknown, one that was marred by insecurities, abandonment, ridicule, & fear, which led to a life as an abused and battered woman. Bishop Melville, however, did not lose focus in the hope she once had as a child, and the love she experienced at the feet of her God-fearing foster mother, who embedded, the strong faith she needed to break free and one day find her purpose and a higher calling.


    Bishop Melville was called and ordained by God. By the power of the Holy Spirit, she was transformed. She later returned to school, to complete her seminary education at Liberty University. Bishop Melville enhanced her love for writing by becoming an accomplished author. Bishop Melville is also a retired nurse and makes the time to coach and inspire people with disabilities to this very day. Bishop Melville has dedicated her life to serving God's people, as a disability reformer and advocate, master teacher, intuitive healer, relationship mediator, a business enterprise executive, community leader, and Global Leader; by supporting people of all ages with unwavering and relentless guidance and wisdom.

    The Mission


    Making disciples of all nations by sharing the unchanging gospel message of hope and transformation with diverse cultures.

    My Story

    My Message, My Truth

    "When I was eight years old my foster mother tells me for the first time that she isn’t my real mother. From that day onward I felt extremely insecure and unable to have healthy relationships due to lack of self-worth. Tragically I became ill, the amount of failed relationships and pangs of single parenthood was too overwhelming.


    I then began a spiritual journey to release all the pain from my past once and for all. However, it wasn't until I met my real parents that I understood what really happened and was then able to reconcile my past. The result is a person now able to love themselves in spite of their dysfunctional family and painful past. I am now able to love myself and let love in. I am no longer afraid to communicate my real feelings and experience deep intimacy."

    Moment of Truth

    Keep Fighting

    Be of good courage, so that you will be able to grow in Him, the one who made you greater than you've ever imagined. Let humility reign in your hearts as you seek your eternal place in God's kingdom. Receive divine wisdom, prophetic words of empowerment, and support so you can live a righteous life you can be proud of and pass on for generations to come.

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