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Are authors born or made?

Why you need to write.

Remember when your shrink told you to write down your thoughts, or when your English 101 teacher tried to get you to fall in love with free-writing? Okay, maybe not everyone has seen a shrink, but you probably felt you needed one and that's because you were overloaded with stresses of trying to figure out life and the people in it. Well, there's help for you! Just write. Tell me this, when you write, don't you feel better? More clear, simply because you had the guts to write the truth even if you couldn't' tell it. That's why people keep diaries, right? It's because they need to vent. Sadly, most people only get to right down their hurts, and despair on paper and not ever tell anyone.

Day after day we hear tragic stories about the untimely death of someone we love, or know and can't imagine why they left us. Won't it be great to discern what's happening so we can prevent more casualties? It would be awesome. Guess what, it's very doable. Preventing casualties can be accomplished in many ways such as talking about your problems, WRITING them down, speaking with your Pastor or Life Coach, writing in your diary or the biggest grandest action of them all, writing a book! Why not! Think you don't have what it takes? Well, how would you know if you didn't try? What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing. Just think how much better you will feel getting some painful, heavy stuff off your chest, that can open you up for forgiveness and healing. What about how many others that are feeling the same way as you? Just think how many lives you will touch!

So are authors born or made? Here's the answer: It's both. Authors are both born and made. And here's why: You see, we all have a life story. In fact, our life is an open book story for all to see. Whether we know it or not, someone is always watching. It's up to us to garner the skills necessary to present it well, as in not giving away too much info as we often times do, connecting with the reader in an empathetic way, how to be relevant, real, and realistic, and mostly, giving the reader the chance to question their own life, to bring about a richer perspective on life, and hopefully transformation.

So, while you are a walking book, you will need to learn how to present yourself to the world. There are numerous author groups, writers forums, webinars, masterclasses, courses, and college programs and books on how to write. You are not alone on this one. So, I invite you to tap into your inner writer self. Free your mind, your thoughts, your voice and your hand. Give back to a world that is dying simply because more people choose to keep to themselves and not realize how awesome they are if they can look past some bad choices and decisions. Let freedom ring out. The world is waiting. Write. Write. Write.

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