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Why It’s Important For Parents To Tell Their Children About Their Past

Learn How To Bridge Generational Gaps

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Can we all agree that in order for a person to fully understand the present and even begin to honor the future, they must understand and reconcile the past?

The truth is, we have too many people, young and old who are walking around numb, hurt, guilty, ashamed, confused, hurt, bitter, resentful and extremely introverted simply because no one gave them permission to live.

You see, there is more to life than physical food, there is such a thing as spiritual food. Listen there are far more important things that a human being must have which does not involve money or some other bargaining tool. Which is why a child must come to know who God is at an early age. This is the missing element in most homes. Bible study, worship, meditation, fasting, prayer, fasting, journaling, acts of giving, humility, silence, solitude, learning, and growing are not cherished, encouraged, and implemented by parents as an example for children to emulate enough.

On top of the lack of biblical leadership in the home, children are asked to do good, and become someone great in spite of the many broken promises, lies, betrayal, acts of abuse towards them (the child), their parents (mother or father), and a string of immature thoughts and prideful gestures in place of humility and truth.


Regardless of how things may seem, there is a way to have a healthy relationship between parent and child without losing respect for one another.

It is better for a parent to tell their child about themselves before they find out from someone else, or worse on the internet. Of course, the child’s level of maturity must be assessed, and the parent should also be able to communicate with honesty and sincerity as well. In the case of a difficult parent/child, or husband/wife relationship, a pastoral counselor or licensed counselor can be asked to mediate. The mediator should be someone the child or the family, in general, will be comfortable with. This could be someone of the same gender, race or faith.

The adage, “It takes a village to raise a child,” is not dead. In light of communities failing to teach, nurture and protect children, the resurgence of the “village” is vital. We must work together to mend the bonds torn by pride. Families need to talk to one another more and check-in before everyone checks out, literally. Prevention is better than cure!

Parents tell your children about your past! It’s that simple. There is nothing so bad that your child can’t handle it. There are worse things on the horizon or are happening right under your noses. Get ahead of the curb, before you crash. Give your child the attention they deserve. Give your family a chance to win at life. Stop comparing yourself to other families. At the end of the day, your child is your responsibility. Your family is your legacy, one you will have to give account for one day. Take care is better than don’t care! And for heaven sakes stop oversharing. We all know what’s done in the dark comes to light, but many talking to the wrong people about EVERYTHING. Whatever happened to, “take it to the Lord in prayer?’ You see, that’s the problem right there. People choose first to go to man and not God for guidance. Could it be the absence of a relationship with God? This is the recurring issue we face as human beings, the blind leading the blind. Hence, the rise of social influencers, cults, and false prophets, pastors, and sell-out parents!


Learn how to bridge generational gaps, by telling the truth, creating a safe space for learning, empathy, compassion, patience, spiritual growth and personal development. The choice is yours, so choose right. Do it now before it’s too late. Let’s not wait for another shooting, random act of violence, a tragedy at the local, national or global level. Even the environment is reacting to our gross negligence. It can’t wait. Be responsible.

Money can’t buy love, respect, right behavior, mindset, and maturity. Wisdom is a spiritual gift. No man can buy wisdom.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” ~ Proverbs 9:10

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