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How Not Electing a Female President Made America Look Weak

The Road Uphill

This past November, America has spoken again for the 45th time in the electoral college history, as they have elected a president once again. In this last election they had the opportunity to vote in a woman as its president but failed to do so, citing issues in the party, and suspicious emails, that corroded the security of the United State's classified email system. Also noted was the inability of the losing candidate to penetrate the hearts and minds of young voters, African Americans, and Hispanic female voters. Hence, the GOP's candidate won the election. So, why didn't America elect a female president such as their ally, Great Britain, and other countries?

Honestly, do people really think that America, a country built by men on the back of slaves would really elect a woman as president? Apparently, America has a very long way to go before a woman will be elected president. After all, a black president was just elected, and surprisingly served for eight years! What's worse was the backlash, and discontent the American people showed with his presidency. Now, after all of this, there is no way a woman of any race would stand a chance. Not for all the money in the treasury, the gold in Fort Knox, the rich Wallstreet bankers, and the marches pre and post the elections would have made a difference. It just wouldn't happen. So as it stands a woman would never get to exercise or use her intellect, intuition, and strength to pull this hurting country together. You would think that as a child needs a mother to help heal the wounds and keep the peace, America would have voted for a leader that can bring forth a fresh perspective, and wisdom that will prevent a war, and tend to the needs of those hurting in many areas.

Just look at Great Britain, they experienced the powerful and steady leadership under the late Priminister Margaret Thatcher, a.k.a the Iron Lady. She even paralleled and worked with former President Ronald Reagan to help bring their respective nations to the forefront of strength and resilience. So couldn't America endeavor to allow a woman to become president, just once? Was it because the woman in question was a Democrat, a wealthy political candidate with too much history in the White House? Who really knows. All in all, with the aftermath of the recent election, it may seem as though, not electing a female president made America week, hence the road uphill seems very grim for a woman to every lead this country. The people sent a clear message and some other game changers, at the midnight hour, that this country may never be ready for a female president.

We are currently one week into the presidency of America's 45th president, and so far no one really knows what will be the outcome of all of his pending legislation, and that's what makes the people fearful instead of hopeful. Can they believe the promises of uniting the country and making it great again? Or must they continue to have hope that through their divisiveness, they may be able to still, pull through individually as times like these show people their flaws which can bring about some changes internally, hence, the communities may experience a clean house, by parting with old ways, and values, thus, finally embracing the signs of the times as markers to prepare them for an absolution or judgment?

You must be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Gandhi

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