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How to Create Lasting Change

How to Rise Up and Stay Up

I just had to share this post below because it was so on point about how to create lasting change. For it really begins with knowing who God is and what kind of life He desires for us, and how to achieve it. It is comforting to know, because God is a loving father, He shows us how to achieve lasting change through our experiences, which is the opportunity to give up the old man and put on the new. In essence, we are supposed to change everyday. Somewhat like how a butterfly goes through the process of leaving that cocoon that seems like it wants to stifle it. So does life feels like it wants to stifle us, so we have to stay the process and realize that nothing lasts forever and that at the end of the growth process we will fly. The real challenge comes when we want to stunt our own growth and stop the process because it feels uncomfortable, and may be happening too fast. The thing is, we were made for this moment, so this is where we have to learn to trust God through all things.

In the above Tumblr post we see that change is good. We may have to even change some trends we started in our own lives and have to switch quickly to what works best. You see, as we are growing we must never try to fill up our lives and experiences with things that are temporal and just for the fun of it, for it may be so harmful that we may never recover. Have you ever heard of a person who tried alcohol or drugs just one time and died from it? These things happen. What about a young girl dreaming about her fairytale husband, who one day decides to give a seemingly nice, charlatan the time of day and that day became her last, as he drugs her, rapes her and then kills her? Again, these things have happened and continue to happen. So how do we avoid these terrible occurrences? By simply turning away from rebellion, pride, and the desire to be like everyone else, and seek godly counsel, so that you will have the support to obey God's commandments for you own good. It is just that simple!

At this stage in the world EVERYONE needs to RISE UP, and believe that God has given them all that they will ever need to succeed, be prosperous and in good health, and have the protection from evil, that can destroy our very souls, for we know that with God all things are possible. We must not fear, only trust that God is with us and working things out in our favor. That means we need the patience and faith to believe that he will do exactly what he said, and then some. So, let's call out more grateful, courageous people with the faith of Job, who knows the bigger plan that God has for them. Let's not entertain those friends who think they know it all, but rather trust God to work things out behind the scenes.

Once God had called us, turning back is not an option. We must go forth and clinch that victory! It's time to #RISEUP!!!! God is a champion of champions, and His people are champions as well. Though they slay us, let's trust Him to bring us all the way through to victory! Amen.

"Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory" ~ George S. Patton

Love and Light,

Crystal E. Melville, Th.D

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