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5 Ways To Relieve Anxiety During A Crisis

Hope in The Face of Hysteria

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Relieving anxiety during a crisis isn’t impossible. Here are 5 ways to have hope in the face of hysteria:

1. Find your light. Remember that adversity and change are inevitable. Think back to when you overcame a situation similar to what you are currently experiencing. Have confidence in your experiences, especially the ones that teach you life-saving skills and lessons. As time goes on, you will feel more confident when unforeseen events and situations occur.

2. Find Your Circle of Love. Realize that you are not alone during times of change and adversity. You are only one person, in a big world. People just like you are struggling, feel confused, anxious, and even angry when things get tough, but, remember that it is through our trials that we are made strong if we rise to the occasion. Find friends or family that can support you, talk with you about your concerns, and feel empathy for you. Also, remember that by listening to their thoughts and grievances as well, you will leave the victim mindset behind and possibly emerge as a part of the solution. Lastly, don’t be ashamed to seek divine guidance and support.

3. Find your faith. Establish that you are not alone and that you can and will overcome what you’re going through. No matter how gloomy or horrible the situation may feel, by having faith, you will find the hope to carry on and even encourage others in their time of need. Faith moves mountains indeed. Overwhelm is absorbed by your faith. Allow yourself to feel, and express your thoughts. However, if you don’t feel like carrying on, remember that you are living proof that where there is life there is hope. Your faith will give you the confidence to conquer your fears and overcome a pandemic if need be. Stay in faith!

4. Find peace. Seek to find peace about what you cannot change. This will offer you much contentment and the ability to make sound decisions in the face of adversity. Worrying never solves any problem. Your peace can give you the power to accept the things you cannot change, and the clarity to move through challenges with ease. It takes practice and commitment to find your peace and keep it. You owe it to yourself to find and keep your peace.

5. Find you. By having a clear and concise understanding of self, you will be able to stand firm during adversity, pandemic, hysteria, and any chaos life life brings. By having control over your own thoughts, words and actions, you put yourself in a better position to handle all that is required of you and how you approach and interact with others. Self- actualization is the highest form of self-gratification and accomplishment. May you be content with being you, finding peace, finding your faith, finding and remaining in the circle of love, and finding your light, the one you own and can use to shine the truth on a corrupt sense of thought, words and actions.

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama.

Bishop Crystal E. Melville is a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Chaplain, Curriculum developer and advocate for the lost. She offers free coaching on the go on her podcast, coaching packages on her website, lifestyle seminars and programs, where she shares the early parts of her life in the foster care system, as a nurse in the public school’s system, overcoming a life-threatening illness, raising her children as a single mother, and coming off government assistance. Her life story is worth studying and emulating.

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