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Life is all about Pace not Race!

When you know whose you are, where you are will make sense.

Life is all about pace, not race! A wise person once said, "your bio isn't worth anything until I meet you, and a good parent teaches a child not to need them."

You see God's stance never changes. His word never changes. Times change, people change, bills are passed, people compromise for sin, but God is still God.

The world has gone so far from the Creator's hand and is all enabling. We empathize with people on the come up, buy their albums, download their singles, buy their movie and concert tickets, stand up gigs, support their fake hair lines, make up lines, perfume, designer clothes, liquor brown, white or red, not to mention the misuse of Cannabis aka "weed," the shows promoting prostitution, adulterers, fornicators, and the like. Most people are placed in compromising positions to agree with and to tolerate the grave sins of this world. So, who will be on the Lord's side.

Let's not confuse race, religion, and lifestyle here. Let's get our minds, heart, and soul right, before it's too late. Take your power back. Don't support the ungrateful ones who have plagued our society. Rather, expose the evils! Talk about the pains, and hardships sin and the pressure of living a sinful lifestyle brings. Air the dirty laundry, fuel the fires, have no fear; for hell is opening up to swallow the evil ones.

Don't let it be you. Save yourself and your family now. The wages of sin is death: via mass killings, terrorism, murder, suicide, abortion, divorce, depression, mental illness, drug overdose, hate crimes, rape, prostitution, natural disasters, and selling one's soul to the devil and his followers.

God had met you where you are, now I encourage you to stretch forth your hand to meet Him. He has created you to need only him, not anyone else.

Can you stand it? How much longer will you stand by and watch innocent people die? There is a bigger picture here. This world is not about race, it's about pace. The pace of God's people determines their fate. Their obedience to His word and the acceptance of His law of love, also determines their destiny.

I invite you to turn aside, and rest from your torment. Choose this day whom you will serve. I will accept your prayer requests, and desire for counseling/coaching, via the contact form. 

Know that I am praying for you.

Love and Light,

Crystal E. Melville, Th.D

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