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Millennial Roundup: Cyber Insecurity, Free speech, Social Media & Alternative Facts

The Decline of News Media

Seems like everyone is tired of the news these days. Can we guess why? For one, no one knows if what's reported is the truth, an opinion or a presumption. After our recent election, and a host of social media wars, the awareness that fact checking, spell-checking, and alternative facts are now methods of deducing information, only sends a message that trust is not a basis for government, religion, our nation, and our lineage as a people. Just think, there wouldn't be a need for cyber security if people didn't abuse their freedom of expression.

Would our forefathers even allow the freedom of speech if they foresaw the way information would be distributed over two hundred years later? What about the way the news media distributes information and how they twist things to suit their agenda? Now, while we all have the need to know, speak our differences and offer our opinion, based on the quest for knowledge and a sense of purpose, within the climate of our nation, not everyone should earn the right to have a platform to speak. Interestingly enough, one of the major downsides to this digital age and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and the like is, everyone now has a platform to speak in any context what they feel, whether based on facts or folly. Now, not that the truth doesn't need to be spoken, there's just the matter of time and place. For certain, most people (while some don't care to know the truth), only hear a story and run with it, while others know the truth, but rather choose to speak it loosely and without sensitivity.

Over and over again we see the damaging and long lasting effects and power of the written word. After all, we live in an archived, and screenshot society, that doesn't forget what is said and done. Hence, it should be a desire for people to say, and write things that are meaningful at all times, knowing that all things said and done have a consequence. Further, the way people address one another these days is so disrespectful, in every sense of the word. For example, no one seems to care that a person is married, has a position such as a mother, father, husband, wife, pastor, or president. In today's world, cyber insecurities are rampant because of, the lack of discretion, the choice to misuse the freedom of speech, and the presumption of alternative facts. Truthfully, there is some information that should be selective as to who, what, where and when it is conveyed. As it stands, the way how people are at risk for harm because of the misuse of the first amendment right is staggering. Despite the fact that the Freedom of the Press, is also a law under the First Amendment, the press must also be held accountable for the lies told in many tabloids, on various syndicated shows, and news broadcast networks. There have also been numerous breaches of trust, space, and contact due to the aggressiveness of the news media. Even children are attacked and the very vulnerable. It's a free for all, and an all-out cyber war apparently brought on by the powerful, the prideful, and the greedy souls who have no care for the truth, and the lives of the citizens of the world.

Hence, there must be some proposals that can be made such as how the major digital platforms such as news media broadcast companies and social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others filter, manage the misuse of the freedom of speech, especially with the recent acts of defamation on social media, and even violent acts committed, such as suicide, defamation of character via rants, and bullying. There have also been several mounting cases of pornography and or photos of male and female genitalia floating around the cyber world. How do the media giants conquer these very dehumanizing and terroristic issues? Aside from the obvious acts of terrorism, we have experienced as a nation, the misuse of the first amendment has also now come under scrutiny as many feel that laws should be enacted to affirm the first amendment in a way that protects the American people as it was intended.

Moving forward, the obvious abuse of the media, and the cyber world requires a very careful and deliberate approach to making sure that the American people and the world feel safer getting online, knowing what to say, and how to express their thoughts online. It is not a crime to speak one's mind, but surely we must know that what we say has a very powerful impact on our actions and those of others. The real truth of it is, our leaders need to be held accountable on how they communicate with their constituents and the rest of the world.

"Discipline is not the enemy of enthusiasm" ~Joe Clark.​

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