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Stop the Grind

Grinding doesn't equal success

2017 is here, all the resolutions made, the bigger, better, harder, louder, richer affirmations about job and career success have been had as it pertains to the increase in income, financial status, business success and the like. Now, where do go from here, have you planned, or put in place a path to riches without sacrificing your health, family, and lifestyle? Oh, I know what you're saying, without wealth I can't have the lifestyle I want, I can't take care of my family the way I want to, and I can't buy the best foods and relax the way I want to. Okay, I get that, but, haven't you noticed that most people with this mentality seldom get to actually enjoy the same things they claim that they work so hard for?

Case in point, look at most of the celebrities we see on social media, and in magazines who admit that they wish they had more time to spend with their spouse, significant other, and children. They have to convince themselves that they are grinding for a good cause in order to not go into a depressive state but sadly that's what most of them do, get depressed, go on drugs, have illicit affairs with mostly those they are around a lot, since they can't be at home. They grind 24/7 365 days a year and still that's not even enough. The worse reality is, the industry they craved to be a part of has no respect of person's. They will give you all that you desire, but for a huge price. The price tag is so astronomical that the mind can't seem to wrap around the fact that instead of being a hard working artist, or wage earner in the deep abyss of the stars, they're really slaves to the beast that created vanity, lust, sex, alcohol, drugs, fame, and the fake lifestyle of the rich and famous.

So how do you find balance and escape from this hell hole? Well, you have to go back to those years when you had nothing. The time when "a dream was a wish your heart makes" and all you can do is wait for the right time, and when you are mature enough to chase after it. You see, everyone in the world has a destiny, and a purpose. Seldom do people wait to get to know themselves well enough to know when enough is sometimes enough. People need to know what they don't like just like when they know when they like something or someone. It is imperative to recognize yes men and women who are enablers to your big old ego, and lusts for the finer things in life.

Tell me this, isn't it better to first learn how to handle money before you have, or how to navigate through life and know who to listen to, so you can truly have success in all that you do? This requires patience, and will, to be obedient to your parents early on, and your wise teachers that are apart of your village visible or invisible. Too many times, people think that they have to measure up to a certain lifestyle, be like other people, live in certain places, drive certain cars, and be with certain people in order to be successful and live a "happy life." Come on, we all know, that's a bunch of Malarkey!

By now we should realize that everything has a season, and one day the 15 minutes of fame will be a thing of the past. Which is why, it's important to know who, what and where to invest your time. Be a people that strives to grow in every area of life, challenge yourself to be a life learner and to do things purposefully. Desire to leave a lasting legacy behind for your children, not of bad debts, bad behavior but good deeds and a life pleasing unto God.

Truth is, if you are blessed to know your purpose, or live to find it, then when you do have the opportunity to live in that truth, you will find it to be rewarding, and purposeful. In other words it will be a labor of love, not a grinding situation.  So, stop the grinding, because grinding doesn't equal success!

Love and Light,

Crystal E. Melville, Th.D

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