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The 7 Wives Every Husband Needs

How to Grow Gracefully With The Man You Love

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Becoming a wife is partly every woman's ideal dream. Not that some won't remain alone to pursue their spiritual calling, the truth is most women have dreamed of the day they will walk down the aisle in a white dress, on the arm of their father. But what every woman needs to know is that she has to become different people. Yes, you have to become a different wife as your marriage climbs to new heights. The following are seven mindset teachings that should strongly be considered before, during and after meeting the man of your dreams! Read on.....

1. A wife becomes more congruent over time. She must submit to her husband's love. By doing so she sacrifices her need to always lean on her intuition only, but also seek her husband's advice. This is hard for most women, as we are intuitive and very nurturing but we must learn to receive as well.

2. A wife must learn to recognize and manage her own needs in order to communicate them to her partner. She must be unselfish with her emotions and respect the needs of her mate.

3. A wife must encourage her husband to be the best leader he can be in the home. In other words, she must allow her husband to reach his fullest potential. She should not dismiss him and shut him down. Instead, listen attentively and coach him to lead their family the way she needs him to for their marriage and for their children. She is understanding and silently speaks to his heart.

4. A wife entices her husband and encourages intimacy. She is open and ready to receive love and give it back. There are no roadblocks to her communication and she knows her husbands needs her sexually. She is a willing vessel and loves him unconditionally. She is open to communicating her needs well.

5. A wife is the first teacher of the child, and the last person her husband talks to at night. She is his confidant and partner in all matters. She has his back and is the first one to spot danger to their home life. She lovingly shares with her husband and lets him take the lead in launching the attack by getting on his knees and leading them in worship.

6. A wife is the one that people see in the community that tells the world that her husband is one that loves her and his family. She represents her home well and is a living example of what a purposeful union looks like.

7. A wife is a mirror of God's love, His grace, and His mercy. She is a gift that keeps giving, filled with wisdom and is the epitome of the labor of love.

Overall, it is important for a wife to become one with God so that her union with her husband is purposeful and rewarding. She and her husband will need to be a true union in order to show the world what God means when he expects the home to be the central point of living.

P.s. The above seven characteristics are based on my own spiritual walk with God, and my life experiences. I hope that they were compelling enough to cause you to seek God first before you seek the title of "wife."

Love and Light,

Crystal Melville- M.A., CPC

The Higher Self Coach

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