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The Audacity of Hope

President Elect Donald Trump is not the end of the World

As a people, and human beings with reasoning, a mind, body, and a lively spirit it is imperative that we approach this new era in the world, in politics, in government, in our culture with the utmost patience, wisdom, and hope. The Bible says that God raises up kings and brings them down, ( Daniel 2:21, Psalm 75:7). Hence, this presidency was not a mistake, and it's time we realize that. I know that everyone is entitled to their feelings, and opinions. Lord knows they are valid. The truth is all of mankind are deeply flawed, sinful and in need of salvation. No one is without blemish or regret of bad decisions, and consequently, a less than perfect man will always and most certainly lead at some point. So please be of good courage.

I know that many would like the POTUS elect's Twitter privileges be taken away, and maybe, he needs a moderator and people around him to rail him in but at least we know who how he thinks. I do think that Mr. Trump has done some things right, he seemed to have raised good children, he knows how to use social media for what it was created to do, hence, we can take note. Instead of counter tweeting, let's use that energy to spark positivity and mean it. Let's reel in our use of social media to gossip, tell lies, air our dirty laundry, and most of all, post things that bring others down. How can we point out the evil in others and not talk about what we do. At the end of the day, the President of the United States, the Queens and kings of the world's countries are not the author and finisher of our faith, nor the ones who decided our life's course no matter how they try.

Let's put our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ back where he belongs, in our hearts, minds and souls, back on His everlasting throne. I plea with all of you, to not become distracted by the immense publicity this last election has ignited. No one can force you to hate, get mad, or be sad. Your voices are being heard, so just remember that God sees all things. These times in our society often define a people, and test their strength. While we know that we see to be true, it's important for us to be that living example of what is just and upright, for that is the greatest testimony ever, not how much signatures we get to stop this imminent presidency, and all of the marches to cast a shadow on it. What must not be neglected is our children, their needs, not wants, and the example we are setting for them. The youth desperately need our attention, now even more. We should not depend on any government to raise our children, educate them and support them. The immense abuse of our system of government that supports more than half of our living expenses is alarming, for when a person or organization is in control of our living expenses, they control our entire life. Lets be wise here. Let's focus more on the ways to help the youth and business owners grow our infrastructure and boost the income rates instead of the unemployment rates. It seems as though more people who had, got more, and those who didn't have, were left to fend for themselves. Consequently, many youths and millennials, turned to platforms like Youtube, and other media outlets to earn a living by simply sharing their life with the world, similar to the same way we patronize major television stations. Many have also by force become creative, and learned to make products for consumption to earn a living. The big question should be, how do we help them to continue this? How can a new business owner pay high taxes and with no solid recurrent income? These issues must addressed. I can see how some people have gone to see the President Elect face to face, I actually applaud them. It's always best to approach a man face to face.

Will the new President Elect stop tweeting, may be not, but what we all must learn to do, is own our part in the collapse of this world, nation, and cities that are not doing well. America contains many of the world's wealthiest people, including the President Elect, and I find it very interesting that it still has some of the world's most deplorable cities, why is this? Why haven't these wealthy millionaires and billionaires given back to the major cities on the home front. So much has gone to other countries and continents, and not enough on the home front. It's time of give back more, to think bigger, and be more, right here, right now. It's so easy to blame one side but both sides are to blame for America's decline. Non should be proud of their work. In fact why don't we let our children and the youth of America tell us how we are doing. Do we really want to know? I think not, simply because it will be convicting and very humiliating. We have people just having babies who shouldn't, and many allowing it. Who will take care of them? How many more children will be raised by the government? How many more men will abandon their homes, become drug abusers, commit crimes, and harm their children? This has to stop. Likewise, how many will stand back and watch, how the many crimes amass and provide no relief? It's as if America has been on a crash course, headed straight to doom, for a very long time. The audacity of hope is truly a thought worth considering, because President Elect Donal Trump is not the end of the world, for we all have our own unique part to play in how this world will end.

For those who understand the nature of this post, I appreciate you. Not all will, and I understand that. I pray that this post will reach many aching hearts, and confused minds, bring clarity, and a sense of peace, as we embark on a new era in our country and world. I thank God for His mercy, love and protection for his people. I pray that this new presidency will be a testament unto God's faithfulness as he provides lessons for us to grow up to meet him, in thought word and deed, and for us to depend solely on him for his unlimited supply of provisions, and his grace. Amen.

Love and Light,

Crystal E. Melville, Th.D

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