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The Cure for All Female Diseases

Why Women Must Have A Deep Connection With God

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I know what you're thinking, what cure? How can I truly get the help I need with All of my ailments, my woes, and my insecurities? Well, my dear lady, you are not alone I tell you. You are among millions and billions of women, whom since infancy, are born with millions of eggs and though reached the age of maturity, have not all found out how and with whom to create a union. You see, without proper knowledge of one's anatomy, spiritual being, and psychological state, you will never be able to guard yourself against attacks and fight them when encountered.

"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil." ~ Ephesians 6:11

Dear heart, I must tell you that God loves you so much that He even warns you about your greatest enemy - the devil. He comes in many forms and at various times to harm you. He will use anyone who is susceptible to his dominion to harm you, even your parents, spouse, boss, co-worker, fellow student, fellow Christian, government liaison, world leaders and even yourself. He gets into the mind, using your deepest insecurities about your body (due to lack of knowledge and acceptance), your hurts that stem from parents who didn't protect you and set you on the path of righteous knowledge and spiritual warfare, and your lack of identity.

Just think about it. If you knew who you were, and what you deserve as far as your own thoughts about yourself, and treatment from others, then you would most definitely require a better way of thinking and actions from others. You would understand and engage in spiritual warfare to help you move through life onto your divine purpose. The best way to do that is living life clean and healthy.


The foods we eat fuel us or deprive us of that life-giving gift. On the other hand lack of access to spiritual food, will weaken us over time and hence, leave one unprotected against the most severe attacks, the ones we cannot see coming. So, if we are in good health, and feel more confident about ourselves we will be able to acquire a better-thought process to grow and experience a real life change.

Listen here as I candidly discuss how important it is to be healthy and whole:

Yes, in order to be well, we must first think well and speak well so we can produce well. We are what you think and speak about our entire being. Do you desire a real life change? Begin to see that you are worthy of love. See that you are better off without all of the vanities life has, as opposed to wandering and seeking help in the wrong places. When you begin to take your life and health in your own hands you will breathe life into all of your broken places, and seal up the wounds that are open to all forms abuse and condemnation. A condemned person will never be well. In fact, a condemned person is experiencing a slow painful death.

Eventually, the sum of one's neglect of self will cause premature death, spurred by unwise decision making and a lack of respect for one's body and soul. You see, you hold all of the cards. God has already extended the invitation to you by the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. All you have to do is say yes to life, and start opening the windows of your house (your body) by cleansing it. Yes, a cleanse is a must; it is a spiritual journey. One that is worth taking sooner than later.


I encourage you to stop what you are doing; pray, just say a few words nothing much, something like this.... Father in Heaven, I have sinned. I don't take care of my body as I should. I work all the time and don't even take the time to rest, eat right and even get enough minerals and nutrients in me to be healthy. I have forgotten that only you give life and keep life. That you are all I need and more. I can't be a good woman or man without you. I need you, Lord. Come into my life, right now. I need your help. Please honor my prayer and promise to be faithful and true each day with your help. I am yours. Take hold of me and mold me. Heal my body of all sickness and disease. From this day on, I will eat right, rest more, only be in relationships you ordain and give your blessing over. I pray these things in your Mighty Name, Lord, Amen.

Now that you have faithfully said this prayer, you will begin to feel a change. Speak more positive about yourself. Love yourself. Love all that you are; weight, cellulite, stretch marks and all. What you don't like, just change it. Do it for you, and do it the natural way. No short cuts. Allow God to cleanse you in mind, body, and spirit. Glory be to God for His word today!

You man also visit my wellness store where I have curated some of my favorite products to use for women and their families. I have others to add and will do so daily. Also, I prefer to use 100% cotton clothing, and only the finest skin care products, from mouth care and so on. (Total Body Care is essential.)

Please share this message with someone else. Bless someone else today. I love you for listening.


Love and Light,


Crystal E. Melville, M.A., CPC

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