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The Generation of the Bastards

Marriage, & Parenthood Under Fire

To date, more homes sadly are lead by single parents. The cry of all the crime laden cities is no doubt the result of these same single parent households. Just look at the statistics in all cities, schools, hospitals, court systems, bureau of correction facilities, etc. The fact is most homes of this modern era are made up primarily of single parents. According to Pew Research Center analysis of 2014 American Community Survey (PUMS), "Black children and those with less educated parents are less likely to be living in two-parent households." The study further states that "these changes have been driven in part by the fact that Americans today are exciting marriage at higher rates than in past."

Consequently, with issues such as lack of education, a solid financial foundation, and a home lead by a single parent, many adolescents are more likely to engage in experimental sex, though sex education is now available in schools, the fact, is when only one parent is available to give adequate attention to a child, the odds of a child becoming distracted and idle, is very high. Most children today, find themselves on social media shockingly 90% of the time each day, thus finding less time to communicate their desires, concerns and social issues with their parents.

With a lack of role models, and support for single parents, the rise of teen pregnancy, abortion, and suicide it more likely to occur in a single parent home. With the recent marches in Washington D.C., many women exercised their first amendment right to stand for equal rights for women and to have a say in their own healthcare. Sadly, all of the pro-life and pro-choice marches though monumental, are truly not the answer to solving issues pertaining to women and their children. The responsibility should lie with both parents, to ensure that a child is reared in a home where a union exists and an understanding that they will be raised with the utmost respect, love, and dignity.

For it is not the government's responsibility to care for children unless they are orphans, and wards of the court, even to that, it means that parents have completely abandoned their right and left their responsibility to nurture and protect their children up to strangers. Likewise, the education necessary to teach the responsibility to refrain from sex especially before marriage and the age of maturity should be up to the parents, and the village that educates and supports them. Hence, an educated parent is better equipped to raise a child and do so with the utmost responsibility according to studies. Moreover, all a child really needs is love, and discipline so that they can grow up to establish a worldview that enables them to give back what is good to others and the world.

For marriage and parenthood, to be under fire it is quite upsetting especially since marriage is the foundation of parenting. Nowadays, people want to have children then get married, and some even choose to raise children by themselves from the jumpstart, then sadly meet a myriad of problems during the adolescent years. This has to stop! It is so customary to find solutions to problems plaguing our society, yet if we only take the time to learn the laws of humanity which, states that love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control are the characteristics that our children need to see daily, to train them to be responsible, and empathetic, and have a servanthood mentality so that they will rather want to give back to their communities and not destroy them. In conclusion, raising up a generation of bastards is not the way to make a nation stronger, it rather makes a nation weaker. As long as marriage and parenthood are under fire, our children will never experience the life they are supposed to emulate and one day journey to becoming responsible citizens of the world. The bottom line is children need more of our time, than our substitutions for their time.

Children spell love... T-I-M-E ~ Dr. A. Witham

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