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The Marriage Mindset

Learn What It takes To Succeed In Marriage Right From The Start

Besides being born, going off to college, or landing a dream job, the biggest adventure any human being will embark on is marriage. With that being said, marriage has often been played out in society as what it's not, an acquisition. Marriage is in fact a holy union of two souls connected by the spirit of their Creator, committed to a life long journey.

Sadly, most people aren't raised to develop a "marriage momentum," throughout their early stages of development. The combination of mindsets, psychological health as individuals, and compatibility as a couple provides a promising vitality of lifelong love. Unfortunately, despite all of the good momentum required to have a life long union of holy bliss, it doesn't exempt couples from bumps in the road, that's part of married life.

It is rather the mindsets of individuals that prepare and give them a chance at being successful in marriage. Being successful in marriage protects the generations to come and the overall success of his or her community. For example, successful married couples tend to be higher earners, live in adequate and stable housing, and raise children who are less likely to be imprisoned.

Hence, we must examine the 5 mindsets influencing the "marriage momentum." Try to determine which one you are. They are as follows:

1. The "Resolute" mindset: this mindset is purposeful, determined, unwavering. Divorce is not an option!


2. The "Rational" mindset: this mindset is logical, sound and judgmental. The rational minded person knows this and is usually in it for the long haul as long as it makes sense. This mindset says, "marriage is hard work."


3. The "Romantic" mindset: this mindset is inspired by affection and love. It's the fairytale version of marriage played on repeat from childhood to adulthood, until the bubble is popped. This mindset says, "We'll live happily ever after."


4. The "Restless" mindset: this mindset expresses discontent and uneasiness about marriage. These people are not enthused and feed into the negativity about marriage, as opposed to seeking counsel and direction to prepare for the journey that awaits. Sadly, these people still engage in relationships without the protection of the marriage contract and have their partners on a string for years and sometimes for a life time. This mindset says, "I need more time."


5. The Reluctant" mindset: this mindset is resistant, and unwilling to embark son such a journey. In fact, these people are afraid of marriage simply because they are not prepared for marriage. This mindset says, why take the risk?

Do any of these mindset seem familiar to you? If so, how have they impacted your life? Do you feel you were prepared for marriage? Let's talk about it!

Leave your comments or feedback. There will be a video teaching and discussion in our community on this topic and more, stay tuned.

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Your Friend in Love,

Bishop C. E. Melville

Community Leader - Impactful Relationships

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