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The Need For Chaplains in The Work Place

On The Mission Field

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It is with great sadness as well as anguish that I must discuss a terrible tragedy, which occurred in Central Florida that could have been prevented. On the morning of June 05, 2017, a middle-aged disgruntled man who was fired from his job months prior, walked into his former place of employment and took the lives of five people, plus his own subsequently. According to the police briefing, the gunman was disgruntled with his former boss and associates, and what it seems like came for retribution.

Further details of the incident can be found on the official Fox News website, along with captions from the OPD, as well as other government officials.

Incidentally, just a few weeks ago I posted this poster on my blog and all of my social media sites:

The truth is when I posted the above content I sensed an overarching need to help in any way I can, any organization that needed my spiritual support. Though at the time, I was in the North Georgia area, I am currently in Central Florida. Hence, I am hereby, offering my services as a Chaplain, Life Coach, and Counselor, to any corporation, business, or entity that needs my help.

Time and time again we see so many tragedies occurring in society, but if only more people stepped up to the plate to offer their services the load would be lighter and perhaps more lives would be spared. What if someone trained and skilled was summoned by a business or family member to diffuse any behavior deemed dangerous or troubling, perhaps then the outcome of most situations can be favorable rather than catastrophic. The police, teachers, healthcare professionals, emergency responders, government officials and other agencies cannot contain the evil in the world alone.

As citizens, we must be more proactive as reiterated by the Mayor of Orange County Teresa Jacobs. Whenever someone says something threatening, or out of context, we mustn't simply ignore anymore. The world is filled with many disgruntled and troubled souls, hence we must be a light in the darkness. If we try to diffuse a situation and the person insists on pursuing their thoughts then we must report any suspicious behavior. Family or not, everyone must be held responsible for their actions.

I find it hard to believe that no one heard this gunman speak ill of anyone at anytime. No one found him suspicious when he bought that gun. We just have to do better, period! Any business that fires a worker and the occurrence ends on bad terms, has to take the necessary steps to make sure that there was no stone turned during the process to make things right. Likewise, there must be better and stricter hiring practices. In other words, hire someone you won't want to end up firing.

I can't stress enough the need for Chaplains in the workplace! Just as Chaplains braved the battle field in war, so too must we brave the battlefield in the workforce, in society as disaster relief workers, during national tragedies, in government, hospitals, churches (the hospital of the spiritually sick), in nursing homes, and homes for children and parents who are ill, and facing tragic loss. We must not turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering of others, and with an empathetic heart, lead with confidence over evil. We are trained to be champions for Christ, a soldier in times of spiritual battle, and in times of great uncertainty, especially when making serious decisions that impact a family, community, and nation.

I would like to express my sincere condolences and unity with loved ones and the community of those we lose daily in tragedy, sickness, and war. I also would like to extend strength, hope, and courage for those who are first responders, policemen and women, the entire OPD, every police department in our nation, healthcare workers, teachers, and those in active military duty and their families. I wish everyone a more empathetic journey through life, one that will help us to join forces as opposed to creating chaos and division. For those who feel it's necessary to cause division and harm to innocent lives, know that though you harm the body, the spirit still lives on!

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in the spirit." ~ Psalm 34:18

I pray for comfort, wisdom, and clarity in these uncertain times.

Love and Light,

Crystal E. Melville, M.A., CPC

Source: Fox News

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