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The Ultimate Advice for Dads

From the Fathers mouth to your ears

I know what you're thinking dads, how does a woman know how to be a man, much less a dad? Well, I'm not a man, or a dad, but I do know about my Father, the one who created you in His image, and likeness, and who also gave a woman to you to help you be the best man you can be, why, because you are one. When God created a man, he saw that a man cannot be a man without a companion, and a support to help him succeed. Hence, I am here to tell you that you don't have to be afraid to be a dad.

You don't have to worry about being like your father or not be as good as your father. For you are already equipped to care for and lead your child to greatness.

So how do you care for your children and lead them to greatness? Well, first you must know that you are able, that you have what it takes to do the job, and that you must personally desire to be great yourself. You can't lead someone where you won't go or haven't been. You will or may have had strong ambitions or desires to succeed at an early age, such as getting a college education, owning your own business, serving in the military, government or even pursue a political career; whatever your goals are it is important to have a timeline of which you want to accomplish them. Planning is key, but you must also know that life happens. For example, you may have a parent who needs your help to get through an illness, or a difficult economical time, and needs your leadership and strength, for after all as a man you are that person that's expected to step up, so be prepared for anything. Also, know that no matter what happens, you can only do what you are doing at the very moment to the best of your ability. Let's be honest multitasking is great but somethings require your full attention and emotion.

Ahh, there's that word, emotion, it's that word that women think that they own, yet come to find out all human beings have emotions and must learn to not only cope with but balance successfully. It's important to be present, to be honest, and communicate your emotions, concerns and expectations fully, regardless of the situation. Historically, it is said that most men have been guilty of not communicating well, especially if they were never taught that it's okay to open up about how they feel. Most of you believe and was taught that you have to man up and just get through your challenges without anyone seeing you sweat. Now, while it doesn't help to complain to anyone about your problems, it is fair to say that people, or rather your mate, and those around would benefit from your honesty, and directness.

Contrary to what society may think, leaders aren't born , they're made. It requires great sacrifice, perseverance, planning, learning and patience to become a great leader. Life is about learning and reacting in ways that gives you an opportunity to grow in all aspects of your being- mind, body, and soul. For what you do, it will be emulated by someone else. Children whether yours or another are always looking for role models, or people to teach them right from wrong, or how to react to life's lessons. While you will push yourself to succeed and become an informed citizen and one that has a solid foundation which comes from your worldview, it is important to value your role enough to spend time getting to know yourself, before you endeavor to bring a child into the world, who will need almost every ounce of you to grow, and become a leader of their own household one day.

The biggest advice any father needs is that validation that they are able, and can do what they set out to do regardless of who is around and if all of their ducks are in a row. So, you may not have had a father, as most men sadly don't have that father figure. If you do, thank God every day. Honestly, knowing right from wrong is enough. For, who would give to their child what they wouldn't want for themselves? Sadly, we still see so many fathers, disappearing when the going gets tough, and blame their actions on the mother, and while that may be valid, your child didn't ask to be born, you went in unto that woman, and created that child, so regardless of your own personal convictions, that child deserves your focus, attention and unconditional love. Now, here's where the leadership qualities come into play, this is where you turn the other cheek, take the high road, be respectful, diligent in your efforts to be that role model your child needs. By simply doing what's right without compromising your morals, and even your own goals for the future, endeavor to make a realistic plan of action to raise your child with confidence that they will know that you are there for them regardless of the outcome of your marriage.

Oh, another word that doesn't hold much merit these days, marriage, the one thing that must be successful in order to raise children pleasing to God, and offer you a peaceful, blessed life. Yes, marriage has it's perks guys, it's not a license to have sex, it's a covenant that you make with your wife to grow each day in faith, love, and heavenly bliss. You must set your foundation really strong in trust, love, faith, and hope so that you can withstand any storm. This all goes back to where we began on this journey, and that's getting to know your own God self, your higher self. For without this knowledge you will never have to tools to become a man you would wish to know, and a father that your grandchildren would thank you for.

Really, there is no big secret to being a great father, it's really you showing up, pulling your sleeves up, saying: here I am. I'm ready. I'm able. I have what it takes, and I am willing to learn along the way, how to be an obedient student while receiving divine wisdom from my fathers mouth to my ears.

I am sure you would agree that especially in today's world we need more men to step to lead in their homes. Yes, that 's right, no more being absent in mind, body and spirit, and no more being your child's friend only but also a disciplinarian who corrects with love, and empathy, rather one who desires to first please God in every way. If you are a believer in God's word, the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are excellent in their approach to teaching godly wisdom to parents and leaders alike. I know we live in a busy, fast society of grinding and running the rat race but it is imperative that you establish a routine so you to have time for yourself, where you can get alone with God, breathe easy, relieve stress, download or upload all of his fresh anointing and wisdom daily, so that you can be the best person, and father you can be. It's all about you, so you must take care of you. Take care of your mind by de-stressing and decluttering your life. Take care of your body by choosing the right partner, choosing the right foods to nourish your body and the male reproductive system, exercise to acquire and maintain an acceptable weight so you can keep up with life's demands and your children. Lastly, take care of your spirit, for it is with your spirit that you communicate with God, and through it you communicate with the world.

Say to the universe, thank you God for creating man in your own image and likeness. You are God alone, who is all sovereign and powerful, who knows me better than I know myself. I am nothing without you. I accept your assignment to walk up and down the earth with the greatness you empowered me to have, and the purpose and boldness to proclaim the good news to all nations. I am me, because you are you Lord. You are the great I AM. I am thankful to be in your likeness. I AM ME. I AM great and after your likeness I will pro-create and no other. Bless your holy name. Amen.

"Be on your guard; stand firm in faith; be courageous; be strong." 1 Corinthians 16:13

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