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The Ultimate Advice for Moms

An unbridled approach to Motherhood

I know what you're thinking, more advice, like I don't have a mind of my own and haven't read a gazillion how to be a better mom books. Yeah, that typical new age phony trash. Okay, I get it you've had it with mom advice, and would rather ask your own mom or just wing it yourself. You're immune to pain, but still would rather learn through the pain, for it's the cornerstone of growth. But what if I told you, pain doesn't have to be your teacher. Truly, not every lesson has to hurt right?

Here goes ladies, Mothers are a child's first defense against evil of every kind, abuse, perverse speech, bad partnerships, bad advice, social norms, low self-esteem, lack of identity, and so on. Can you protect your child as they grow older and able to make their own decisions, of their own free will? No.

This is why it is very important early on to establish an understanding of your role as mothers. For starters, you really shouldn't become a mother unless you first understand what it means to be a daughter. To be a daughter, you remembered that you had to listen to your parents, right? Though, most times you thought you knew it all, and that your parents were evil; truth is your growth and development took you through times of rebellion, especially once you tapped into many social customs. You then began to question, your morals, which you learned from your parents, your own conscience, and some old wives tales from your grandparents, and weighed them against all of the fast and furious teachings the world offered.

So, the real deal is, you had to first find out what mattered to you most, how that weighed in on your own perception of self, and how you were to present yourself to the world. If your parents were worth their salt, they should have told you that the only person you needed to grow up to be like was yourself. Yes, yourself, not like your parents, a teen heartthrob, or a manufactured celebrity, just you. They should have taught you to stay steadfast in learning more about where life began, where it can take you, and why you should learn to eat large piece of humble pie so you can be taught the things you need to grow, blossom and grow taller than Mt. Everest. I mean that. You were created to think big, and grow tall, so you can see no limits that this life offers, for this is where life begins to have a hold on you, where you see limitation. You see the barriers society offers are, the lies, the fake stories, the phony schools of learning, and the hidden past, that most are ashamed to admit. You see, there is no real learning unless, you are willing to hear both sides of the story. Sometimes there is no time to hear anything, only what your heart tells you that's right, and pure, and powerful enough to take you to your destiny.

So what's this ultimate advice for moms, this unbridled approach to motherhood? Well, just in case you missed it, as some will, here goes: Mothers like Fathers are a part of a very organized and purposeful plan. Notice, not every woman is a mother, and not every man is a father. (There is nothing wrong with this either, for being a parent is not in the cards for everyone. Can we once and for all be okay with this?) Being a parent doesn't make you better than anyone else, as not being a parent makes you less than anyone else.  The choice selection for parents is because, we were never meant to be an enemy to ourselves, our mates, nor our children. For God truly doesn't give us more than we can bare. We were created in love, to be loved, and to give love. So no matter what your circumstances look like, your home life, your physical dwelling space, your bank account, and what you think your future is, just know that it is never too late to accept the love that was always available to you.

You see, you have to first love you, then you can love another. For you cannot give what you do not have. You cannot buy love, or substitute it with money, clothes, jewelry, a house, fancy cars, a nanny, an academic degree, or even a royal title, for while these things mentioned may make you feel good for a while, the truth is one day, your child will grow up, look you in the eyes, and tell you the truth about the way you treated them, lied to them, betrayed them, and compromised so that you can attain your selfish pursuits in life. In today's age, quite a bit of information goes viral, so you will be affected. Those that once looked up to you, will now frown at you, disown you, and ignore you. You may even be fired from your job, demoted, or even be publicly humiliated as if you weren't already by your own child's hurt, pain, anguish, and at times their desperate plea for attention through suicide, and or a senseless act of murder, or hate crime, aka terroristic attack, all because you were absent in their life, and this allowed them to be reared, schooled, and nurtured by cults, and pseudo-religious organizations.

Consequently, mothers are left to feel a deep sense of loss, guilt, and shame. Hence, sadly, the bonds once shared by a mother and her child, becomes a painful memory, one that can never be forgotten.

Mothers, it pays to truly have a sense of self, and an unwavering desire to love the truth, and not get carried away by one's emotions. Seek wise counsel, so that you will have the support that you need, to raise children of the light, and not children who go on to represent the darkness. Please head these words of caution, but mainly see clearly the purpose behind them so that you can heal, and get on the path to the best parenting you can ever accomplish. All it takes is a willing vessel, and one moment in time, for tomorrow is not promised. It's time to have that talk with yourself, or with someone who you know will understand you, and what you are going through. Sometimes you have to cry out for help, so that you can be helped. You have to ask so that you will receive. You have to seek so that you will find, peace for your soul, and the answers to those questions that haunt you. When you do feel satisfied that you left no stone unturned on your journey to your higher self, then you will have overcome this life, and whenever the time comes, you will have no trouble letting go of this life, so you can live on forever! Life is not a fairytale, it's real, and that's what's powerful, and beautiful about it.

Love and Light to you all!

Crystal E. Melville, Th.D

"Life is ten percent what happens to you​ and ninety percent how you respond to it." ~ Charles Swindoll


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