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The Marriage Fixer

A Closer Look At The Right Mindset For Married Couples

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Marriage Isn't A Fixer Upper, It's Made For A Deliverer

Marriage is a covenant relationship between God and man. Marriage is designed by God. Hence, if one knows to contact the manufacture of let's say an iPhone, or kitchen appliance, etc. It is then sensible to lean on God for understanding concerning all phases of marriage including the rough times, however, people largely tend to lean on their own understanding.

Guess what? God is always available willing to listen and offer us comfort in times of sadness, hope in times of uncertainty and certainly through each stage of life.

May we take the time today to remember that God is in control and further, to show that we care about the marriage covenant, we must lean on God's wisdom to help us understand the things we don't.

~ Proverbs 3:5-6

For one on one counseling, or coaching feel free to reach out via the website:

I also have a free marriage assessment to offer one couple. Leave a message using the contact form to express your needs or concerns.

Before I forget, due to the overwhelm increase of divorce, and single mothers in our communities, I have also prepared a program specifically for women. Go here for assistance:

Love and Light,

BISHOP C. E. Melville


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