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Tips to Help Bloggers Stay Relevant in the Modern Era

Learn How to Be Real When Others Aren't

Blog.ger: "A person who keeps a web log, publish an online diary, or chronological log of thoughts published on a web page." ~

Hi there! If you found this page, chances are you enjoy learning from others, and don't mind sharing your random thoughts for all to see. I mean no one's calling us experts or anything, but we just love to spread good cheer, and helpful tips. Now, though some of us, managed to stay in school long enough to get some gray hairs from those research papers, thesis projects, or dissertations, the point is at some time, one has the urge to share what they know with others, in order to add value and help with the progression of the human existence. Such be the case, we are hear to learn how to blog with confidence, and not take too much time doing it.

I know you read that fancy meaning of what a blogger is up there, but frankly a blogger is a storyteller.

Yep, that's you, me, and heck, that's millions of people in this modern era, and where most people work from home on their computer in their pajamas, and have no shame admitting it. After all, why should we feel ashamed. Who wouldn't want to spend quality time getting to know oneself, and or their loved ones? Let's just say in the next few years, the regular 9-5 will be extinct. So bring out that caffeine, the back support, maybe some reading glasses, and the weight loss shake, because you will soon find out that bloggers do more sitting than standing up and moving around. Hence, obesity knocks at the door, so think about a healthy way to burn those calories, and still get your writing done.

Well, alright, alright, alright enough with that satire, let's get to the nitty gritty. Okay, the key for bloggers to stay relevant, on point, and interesting in the modern era is simply this, tell the truth! You see, people need the truth, and by sharing your truth will them, they will be able to connect with what you're saying, glean from your wealth of knowledge and experiences, and feel comfortable joining your tribe, thus, in due time invest in your ability to teach, inspire, and transform. Consequently, you will have a following that is pure, unbiased, and committed to helping you stay accountable, and in right standing with your own life, for there is strength in numbers!

Let's be honest, we live in a world where the truth is a high ticket item, that is rarely seen and heard, so when you come along and blow people away with the truth, do you know how many people will be helped, and how many lives transformed? Yes, the truth will set you free to give back and help others be free. Remember this, to really benefit from the fruits of blogging one must be patient and purposeful. Hmm. We don't hear this enough, instead we see, and hear about all of the get rich quick schemes, paid advertising, and phony programs to trap us into a lengthy commitment only to find out you can find the information for free on Google. So please, do people a favor and tell the truth. Soon from now, you will become the person people flock to simply because you're honest and disciplined at the craft of storytelling. Whether it's your story or someone else's make sure to cite them accurately, give credit where it is due, and always, thank your readers for being loyal because there is so much trash distracting people on the world wide web, yet people chose to hang with you through your growth and development as a person and creative.

One last tip, always take care of you. Know when to pull away from the screen, stretch, crab a nutritious snack or simply have a time of refreshment or meditation. Well, I hope to see you again on here. Let me know it this post was helpful. Please feel free to drop me a line, or leave a comment. If this post was helpful, please like it, and of course subscribe so that you will not miss a another post! I thank you all in advance for being a loyal supporter and subscriber.

Love and Light,

Crystal E. Melville, Th.D

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