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Wellness for Women Over 40: Part 9

Leadership : How To Lead in A Politically Charged World

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"Every thought of yours is a real thing a force." Prentice Mulford (1834-1891)

Essentially there are two kinds of leaders, those who command respect and those who demand respect. However, being a leader in this modern era requires much skill, patience and prayer in order to make an impact on the lives of the people we serve. Women are called to lead in the home, and at times at large.

Now a days, it seems like everything we know and care about is politically charged and has racial under tones more than ever. So how do you as a woman think, speak and act to help bring peace, and a sense of order in your homes, work place and even your church? Well, there are no solid answers to this question as you are not responsible for how others behave and choose to display their emotions at any given time, hence, it is important that you set the tone for your own life, home, and society by being the best person you can be. For some transformation is hard but with faith, courage, and the right mindset it can be attainable by using empathy, patience, kindness, wisdom and perseverance to help you achieve your goals as a leader. You will also find that you will need to check out at intervals so you can replenish, and take minute to gather your thoughts as to how best to attract the best behavior from others so that you can have success in your relationships.

In fact, when people express themselves in an ungodly manner they are really crying out for help, so much as to let others know the real contents of their heart. If one's heart is not filled with God's goodness, mercy, love and compassion then not good fruit or words that have substance will ever come from that person. Sadly, we are now on lookers and at times even co-conspirators in a bed, bath, and beyond of ridiculous outbursts of hate, senseless speech, and vain babbling. What's worse is that our children and the younger generation are watching as grown people behave like little children. So, how do moms, daughters, aunties, nieces, your teachers, and other women of power pull this divided country together? Well, we can get our own minds together, think right, pray often, speak right, and be a living witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is the only path to any kind of abundant living, and peace for the soul. If we are the vessels God has called us to be, then we will have more people crying out for the Lord, and not for more division and exclusivity!

So what do you do when the people in your life are on one side of the fence, and you are on the opposite side? How do you bridge the gaps and begin to work together for the common good of all?

Here are some tried and true examples of how women on a mission can bring peace in times of uncertainty and strife:

1. Demote the political atmosphere while encouraging people to speak truth instead of acting out of emotion and bias. Politics is merely a series of opinions and views that collectively overt the lives of people who subscribe to alternative means to govern their every day lives. If we continue to entertain the imbalance between politics and the natural order of life we will end up risking the fate of the next generation. This cycle has to stop!!

2. Be aware of the how the uniting factor of most people's agenda are more about a cause rather than life as it should be. In other words, everything may not go as planned and peace will not be in the hearts of every man, hence, we need to be very clear who is on board with the laws of God, and how we should live and treat one another. Not everything good is God.

3. Guard your hearts and your homes. This is accomplished with much prayer, precision, and patience, often studying the needs of others and taking action when needed. In other words, your hearts and your homes are the two places where God dwells, and they should serve as a means of communicating God's love, mercy, wisdom, guidance, and protection. When the heart is strong, one knows how to whether any storm, and thus the home is protected. When the home is protected, your marriage and children can have a fair chance at blossoming into their destined characteristics.

4. Observe your family's gift set, and how you can be a beacon of light and hope to a dark, dying world. Your focus should be spent less on social gatherings, unnecessary talk, unhealthy relationships, and beautifying your outer appearance. Rather, work on your inner self, emotional health, physical health and recognizing the need for change on your daily walk.

5. Publicly affirm your stance on the issues that pertain to your own life, and show others how to be a true believer by the way you live your life. You must first know who you are, whose you are and your purpose according to God's plan. Once everything lines up and your thoughts are good, and focused on heavenly things then the universe will cooperate and yield you every good thing that was created way before the foundation of the world, for the law of attraction is as ancient as you are. You decide your own fate, and your abundance. Focus more on your gifts, your greatness and less on your weaknesses.

"Create your day in advance by thinking the way you want it to go, and you will create your life intentionally."

True leadership, is the ability to control your mind, thoughts, and actions in order to effectively influence others.

"That a man can change himself.... and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought. " ~ Christian D. Larsen (1866-1954)

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Love and Light,

Crystal E. Melville

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