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Wellness for Women Over 40 Series: Part 3

Healthy Hair Care for Women Over 40

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Healthy hair after 40 is attainable. I know during this time many women experience hair loss, thinning hair etc. We also have to talk about the use of extension, wigs, and weaves and how they affect hair growth as we age. If you are a consistent wig and weave wearer is it crucial that you take care of our hair underneath the various hair appliance. Some women are sensitive to synthetic hair, some are not, but the overuse of anything is bad. We must exercise caution at all times, as it pertains to anything that goes into, or on our bodies. Truth be told you don't have to be 40 plus to experience any of the above conditions such as baldness, thinning hair, or hair loss of any kind. We also see so many young women wearing extensions, and weaves at a very young age, so it is very important to stress how important it is to be healthy inside out, as well as manage stress to ward of diseases and ailments that can rob us of our crown.

Women at any age need to value their abilities, and position as nurturers, caretakers but also inventors, entrepreneurs, creatives, professional women and even leaders of nations. Our hair is our crown and beauty staple so be must find simple yet effective ways to care for our mane. In the video clip below I share with you my take on caring for natural hair, and just how simple it is to care for your hair, period. Regardless of your nationality it is important to learn how to best care for your hair type, and teach these regimens to your daughters or the young women in your communities. Watch below!

You may also find out about the many products available to care for your natural hair, as well as your skin, and entire body! You can find products tailored to women over 40 in my store, click the link below:

Just in case you weren't sure what your hair type is, I have provided a chart below to help you navigate through the process of learning more about your hair, so you can take care of it better!

One of the main issues facing women as it pertains to their hair type, is what products to use for their hair type. Here is a chart courtesy of, that goes over some product choices, and techniques for your specific hair type. BTW, my store has most of the products listed, and of course you can purchase some from your neighborhood grocery store.

I have found that the simplest products are the ones nature provides, and are often right under our noses. The overall advice I would give to any woman, is to be healthy from the inside out, and manage stress. If you are healthy and stress free, your hair will grow, at any age. However, of you are ill, have to take OTC or prescription drugs on a regular basis, are stressed out all of the time, and have a nervous condition, then chances are your hair is telling what's going in your body as well. I recommend seeing an herbalist, or naturopathic doctor, a reputable one at that, to help you determine how to best care for your body the natural way. Above all, give yourself time to heal, focus on getting more rest, and the body will often times heal itself. Give it time. Even hair growth takes time, so don't stress!

I hope that this information has helped you to feel more confident about your hair especially as you experience a change in your life. The key is to love yourself through it all, and own your inner beauty, besides that's what matter most. How you feel about yourself often dictates how others feel about you. Please share this information with someone you know who feels insecure about aging, and how they feel about their hair as they age. Let them know that someone cares and understands what they are going through. Peace my loves!

Love and Light,

Crystal E. Melville

Your Higher Self Coach

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