• "The Nurse Angel"

    TV Show

    A short-film and scripted tv series-coming soon, based on my life as a school nurse and raising children as a single mom.

    Royal Lineage Media & Productions


    Royal Lineage Media & Productions was born out of the need to stress the importance of leaving a legacy of excellence behind in every area of life. Communication is the key to effective relationships which helps us to bring stories to life without compromising truth.

    "The Forgotten First Wives"

    Documentary and Reality Tv Series

    a documentary chronicling the lives of ex-wives who were left to care for their children unsupported, alone, broke, depressed and lost. The became the forgotten pillars of society now portrayed undesirable ways, scoffed at, judged and alienated. Who will listen? Who will help them?  


    Let's create the village young girls and women need to heal and restore.


    By supporting this cause you are helping HER! Click the link below to support this project. Thank you!

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