• Life of a Girl

    "An Unfiltered Coming of Age Story and Unbiased Approach to Womanhood"

    Bishop and Author Crystal E. Melville has been a business professional, nurse, mentor, coach and divine servant for more than half of her life. Above all, Crystal's story began long before any titles, academic achievements, and community service. Her biographical history book for girls the world over covers topics way beyond the typical conversation, curriculum, and church socials. In her book, "Life of a Girl," she discuses life before earth, the identity of girls, how each girl finds her identity, and the process of becoming a woman of purpose and virtue. Life, the greatest teacher, and process of which we use and apply knowledge is the environment for anabolism, catabolism, and most importantly, self actualization. Crystal's life as a girl provides insight to her own family's saga, her calling, historical implications, moments of edification, transformation and a call to action. Crystal wants you to know that girls matter, girls want and need respect, when a girl says no, she means it, all girls need identity, and most importantly girls need a chance to grow, mature and become whole, even at the age they are at the time, for in a life time of a girl are many moons. Crystal hopes you enjoy reading, "The Life of a Girl, " and the journey it takes you on as well. You may click the link below to pre-order now, and share in the experience of what it really means to be a girl.

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